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A Return to the Reef

28th October 2021

It's been a long time since our golfers enjoyed a round at Long Reef, but 12 players enjoyed excellent conditions there on 28th Oct. The afternoon was warm, tempered by a sea breeze. The scenery was, as always, spectacular. Maggie Kennedy took full advantage of Long Reef's excellent greens. Her putter ran hot. Maggie dropped a series of very impressive putts.

Philip Butcher and Bruce Joscelyne use their range-finders to discover how far they'd fail to hit their next shots. :) (They are about 90m from the 6th flag.)

With clubs re-opened, most players gathered afterwards on the terrace to admire the view and share drinks and bonhomie.

Post round socialising - from left, Sam Burrell, Philip Butcher, Liz Henderson, Maggie Kennedy, Andrea Mollema, Rob Charlton, David Henderson, Di Burrell.

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