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Another Tough Winter's Day at Long Reef

Andrea Mollema's control over the weather for Newport Probus Club's golf days is amazing. Our group enjoyed a sparkling, warm winter's afternoon at Long Reef. Again the course was in immaculate condition though the speed of the greens surprised many. They were very quick. Honours today went to Liz Henderson (NTP on the 2nd) and Robin Warren (NTP on the 7th). None of the ladies conquered the drive and chip contest on the 8th. Honours for the men went to David Newton-Ross twice with NTP on the 2nd and NTP for the drive and chip on the 8th. None of the men were able to land on the green on the 7th, the easiest of our 3 competition holes. Duff of the day probably went to our President Rob who put his tee shot on 7 into a bunker beside the 14th green. OOPS! That's a bit like setting out to go to Newcastle and arriving in Orange.

Social distancing was being observed as always.

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