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Dining with Friends

Around 30 Newport Probians enjoyed a wonderful night of friendship, conversation and chips (!?!?!?) at the Royal Motor Yacht Club on 28th Sep. Oh, so chips??? The food service at the RMYC left a lot to be desired, but they had a hugely busy night and were swamped ... and possibly understaffed. So our meals were long delayed. The RMYC provided chips (lots of them) free of charge to keep us happy. Some conversations about the construction of chip butties were overheard. When meals arrived, they were mostly very good. (One dish in the four options disappointed. We suspect this was very much a timing issue. All reports on the salmon and pasta marinara were excellent.)

Throughout the RMYC staff were pleasant and went out of their way to keep us happy. Overall, our members enjoyed the night ... especially the good fellowship and great conversation.

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