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Elvina Bay Walk - 29th November

The Walking Group took on the Elvina Bay track on 29th Nov 2019.

This walk was in two segments:

1. The first section was only a short distance along the fire trail and there we explored an expansive rock plateau which was covered with aboriginal rock carvings. Our walk leader for the day - David Nott - provided us all with a map of the plateau which assisted in finding and identifying the numerous rock carvings of native animals and people.

2. The second section involved a walk along a dry creek bed to the Elvina Rock Pools which is a series of shallow pools on the plateau high above Elvina Bay. The pools cascade over 50 metres or so and one or two are ideal swimming holes. This is a stunningly beautiful and tranquil hidden gem in the West Head National Park and well worth the hike in from the fire trail. David suggested that everyone promise to keep this place a secret to prevent it being overrun with tourists but of course we all agreed it is a place we should share with our friends so that we can all enjoy the beauty of this special place.

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