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Great Day in the Mountains

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Newport PROBUS Club had a wonderful trip to the Blue Mountains today (19th Sep) just two days after significant snowfalls. 27 members shared a bus to the Mt Tomah Botanic Garden. The weather was grey but kind, cool but not wet. The gardens were magnificent. Rhodadendra, waratahs, daffodils, protea, jonquils, bluebells and many more plants were showy. A highlight was the explanation of artificial insemination of the Jurassic relic, the Wollemi Pine.

Lunch was enjoyed at the magnificent Carrington Hotel in Katoomba, an amazing trip into the elegance of long past times.

So for those who did not come, here's some of what you missed. Our group of 27 was divided into two. Each had a volunteer guide, both of whome were knowledgeable and entertaining. So here's one group ready to set off...

The walking was largely on fairly level walkways, although there were some stairs and a couple of steep descents and climbs. For our less athletic members, it would be simple to have a tour on almost 100% level walkways. It's difficult to know where to start with the grandeur of Mt Tomah. The protea were one of the highlights...

There were so many more.

If you missed this trip, better think about some of our future excursions. The trip to Bright and Beechworth next Autumn looks likely to be a highlight.

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