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Happy Birthday to Us

At our October meeting, Newport Probus Club celebrated its first birthday. What a first year we have had.

We started at Newport Mirage but moved our meetings from March to the Newport Bowling Club. The room there is filled with natural light, is very pleasant and can accommodate the wonderful turn-up we are experiencing - around 100 to 110 people at every meeting. Well done to all of our members. We have forged a great relationship with the Bowling Club, evidenced by the after meeting sausage sizzles arranged by the club after our last two meetings. These well attended events have allowed members to continue to socialise for an hour or so after the end of each monthly meeting. Clearly this has been a popular edition to our monthly menu of events.

Our club has invested in equipment - a large screen, video projector, audio system, lectern and PC - to ensure we have the technology needed to make our meetings run well. Mostly the technology has performed, although our audio system developed a minor hiccup at our birthday meeting. Murphy's law perhaps?

We have had so many great excusrsions and events during our first year, it's hard to know where to start. At our birthday celebration, there was a photo montage accompanied by a witty narrative from our President Catherine Willsdon that highlighted many of our activities and trips during our first year.

It was a birthday, so of course there was cake. (It was so light and delicious.)

President Catherine Willsdon and Vice-president Lynne Czinner cut the cake.

PSPL provided us with a 1st Birthday certificate that was displayed prominently. President Catherine Willsdon thanked our inaugural committee members who have ensured the club not only got up and running in Year 1, but also met our stated objective - to create an active club full of fun, friendhip and fellowship with a minimum of formality.

Let's make Year 2 continue in the same vein.

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