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Maggie Took the Lot!

Our golfing group returned to North Turramurra for the September events and Maggie Kennedy ended up several golf balls richer.

On 10th Sep, NTP awards for the ladies went to Liz Henderson on the 2nd, Penny Drane on the 5th and Annette Bagot on the 7th.

For the men, only Bruce Joscelyne managed a NTP (on the 2nd).

Lucky draw prizes went to Drew Martin and Andrea Mollema. On 24th Sep, Maggie Kennedy emptied the prize cupboard by getting NTP on all 3 holes, the 2nd, 5th and 7th. Well done Maggie.

Bruce Jocelyns again starred in the Men's comp with NTP of both the 2nd and 7th. John O'sullivan scored on the 5th.

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