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Well That Was Exciting!!

25th Feb 2021 - Golf ended abruptly. Terrey Hills Pitch'n'Putt course became unexpectedly exciting asa huge thunderstorm rolled in from the mountains. The lead group had jsut completed the 14th hole when they were the last to clear the course as something like this happened ...

This was taken elsewhere in Sydney but it's an accurate facsimile of this round of golf. Groups had hardly got to shelter when the heavens opened and even some light hail fell. The competition was curtailed to a 9 hole contest.

Winners were: Men

Andrew Drummond, best score and 1 birdie

David Newton-Ross most pars


Maggie Kennedy best score and most pars

A notable feature of the day was that Annette Bagot scored her very first birdie! Well done Annette.

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