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Where Should We Go During a Pandemic? Q Station of course!

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

20th Aug 2020 - 31 members joined an excursion to the Sydney Quarantine Station on North Head, so appropriate in the age of COVID-19. To comply with government regulations, members travelled independently and were split into multiple groups to make the tour. Guides were provided. Q Station is integral to Sydney's history.

From to 1830s until 1984, migrant ships arriving in Sydney with suspected contagious disease stopped inside North Head and offloaded passengers and crew into quarantine to protect local local residents. The Quarantine Station's heritage buildings reflect a rich history, highlighting historical themes of gender, race and class. Thousands of carved sandstone engravings record the diverse cultural and social backgrounds as well as varying experiences of the quarantined passengers.

So the tour was a fascinating and educational experience.

The tour commenced at the Information Centre and proceeded quickly to the Visitors' Centre and Museum for coffee and a meeting with guides.

Each group with their guide then proceeded to visit the hospital, the showers/ personal cleansing area and the autoclave building where all luggage and clothing was cleansed. It was an ideal time to visit as it made our members aware of what these poor souls went through and how it compared to our current situation. Our groups felt we should be thankful for the way the current pandemic is being managed.

The tour was very informative and enjoyable and the location is, of course, stunning with wonderful views right down the harbour towards the city.

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